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Towering Skyscrapers

Regulatory Compliance


We help our clients acquire, digitize, validate, store, and distribute data. What’s more, we do all of this while ensuring global compliance with regulations across multiple jurisdictions. Our solutions bring together deep domain experience, understanding of relevant regulations and data management know-how, combined with a pool of trained resources. We help compliance departments, and AML officers report on risk, exposure, respond to regulatory scrutiny and deliver advanced integration and resolution capabilities


Our KYC solution incorporates a blend of technology, process, and people, combined with workflow, rule engines, data warehousing, and robust reporting capabilities. We utilize a maker-checker workflow with an integrated data harvesting engine to enable better entity data collation and categorization. The system eliminates manual data capture by using automated web crawlers to trigger content and adverse news searches on public and subscribed databases


Transaction monitoring systems for the global industry continually evolve in their ability to screen large volumes of data using built-in triggers with automated thresholds for detection of potentially abnormal activity. While all alerts must be reviewed and thoroughly investigated, not every alert requires a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) to be filed. We provide assistance to your FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) and investigative teams. Our risk-based approach and data analytics tools support transaction investigation and reporting by turning data into actionable intelligence. Our service helps to decrease investigative instances of false positives thereby reducing the high cost of operations caused by increased alert volumes and fluctuations in resources.


Today’s regulatory environment requires companies to quickly process customer requests, identify holdings and positions, assess and adjust risk levels, maximize operational efficiency and control, and optimize capital. Our reference data management solutions are trusted by our clients to deliver improved quality and annual efficiency gains at a competitive cost.

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